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Where the Heart is

Project Location - Bengaluru

Project Brief: The first project designed by ARB was our very own home after I took a break to enjoy my first born. It was an absolute thrill to design and see what we dreamed of come to life. We kept it simple with clean, warm colours running through the home. The most important factor for us was to bring in enough natural light. We love the outdoor living spaces to our home where we entertain friends regularly. Hence we made sure that we built our dining area to extend into a balcony that overlooks the city. We chose warm lighting that sets just the right mood for the night. Our open kitchen wears a country style and enables us to entertain family and friends with ease.

Colonial Living and Dining makeover

Project Location - Bengaluru

It was an absolute thrill working on this project. We loved the architectural design of this home. It had a feel of an old colonial villa built in the British Raj days. A lot of planning went into this space. We used the living room carpet colours as our palette to work with. Since our client liked shades of green that were not commonly used, we used this shade to flow right through the design elements ranging from the upholstery, drapes, cushion covers and all the other home decor accents. Our client loved the final outcome and we did too!

CRG Kitchen Renovation

Our client was bored with the colour and the ergonomics of the old kitchen! It didn’t suit her needs practically when it came to the storage especially. We redesigned the entire kitchen with new lighting and plumbing points. We carried out some civil work to open up the kitchen that was separated with a very small utility room. It looked roomy and bright when we were done with this project. A monochrome tile design was used to complement the white and teak laminate finish for the dining area furniture. We had a very satisfied and happy client at the end.

Partial renovation

These were lovely friends of mine who asked me to help renovate certain spaces in their apartment.

Project 1 - We redesigned the balcony, performing some minor though precision based civil work. We then fitted in a teak finish UPVC sliding door that transformed their entire living and dining space. It looked beautiful as the plant nursery next door now came closer in view, which meant that there was lots of greenery to look at!

Project 2 - The whole dynamics of working has changed with working from home now the norm. Considering this our client required a conducive environment to work in. Since his office space was open, we built a wood finish UPVC sliding door that helped make it private as well as close to soundproof.

We made a couple more changes to their home like adding a breakfast counter storage unit and a 3-door wardrobe for their little girl’s room. The wardrobe was designed in such a way that one unit could be used for linen and home furnishing items.

This is where ARB design Co. doesn’t just design in a clinical sort of way. We take each client’s need for utilization into consideration and design accordingly.

Sky View Project

Project Location - Bengaluru

Project Brief: This was a project we did right in the middle of COVID -19. It was a beautiful terrace garden that was designed and landscaped by our client. We were hired to add soft touches to this space as they used it for socializing. For the existing outdoor furniture, we helped choose cushion covers that would go with the whole vibe of the space. Since it had so much greenery, we used accents that helped compliment it. We customized sofa seat covers using fabric that is for outdoor use. Overall, our client was very happy with the way things turned out and so were we.