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Full Service Design


This service includes all the interiors for your space. We complete it with adding soft touches with ARB Home Decor accents and customized furniture.
Now moving in won’t be so tedious at all! 

The Pro


This is a service offered to those who want the ARB style but may not reside locally or live beyond the radius of where we extend our design service. 
Through a series of online meetings we help design your space against the floor plan or architectural drawings provided by you. We execute the build at our factory and have it installed with little or no mess.


Construction &
Full Service Design 


This service is an all inclusive package from the civil to the interior design build for your home. 
ARB has collaborated with a construction company that will take care of it all from architectural floor plans to the construction of your home. 
We work in parallel to ensure that the interiors compliment the style of the house while keeping it functional and practical for our client. 
Using this service eases the complex process of building a home.

  • What does a full interior design service include?
    Here’s what a full interior design service entails: When we take on the whole interior design project for your new home, we design, as well as execute the work. This service would certainly include the built-in woodwork (e.g., kitchen cabinets and wardrobes). Besides this, we also customize furniture depending on your requirements. Moreover, we specialize in adding soft touches with our eclectic ARB home decor accents. The full interior design service is not inclusive of the last two services mentioned; however, a client can take advantage of the full scale of services we offer so your home has its own signature style even in the details.
  • What do you mean by soft touches for a home?
    What difference can cushions, curtains, runners and other fabric-based materials, make in interior designs? Well, quite a bit! Most people think curtains or cushions are complementary elements in house decorations. Yet, interior designing takes advantage of these essential elements and ties them in along with the main design theme of your home. These elements can give soul to the design. Such items are called ‘soft furnishings’ or ‘soft touches.’ Without soft furnishings, furniture could be unconnected or detached, unable to blend with others. By adding minimal and well thought of details like runners, cushions, drapes, carpets or lighting, we connect the dots between all elements of interior design.
  • What service charge do we incorporate in the final billing?
    We charge 10 - 15% on the total bill amount as this takes care of all the miscellaneous expenses (e.g., fuel costs of workers, phone calls to vendors, etc.) incurred during the project.
  • How long does a project typically last?
    Both design and execution of an entire home (3-bedroom home) would typically take 3 months. This is taking into consideration the designing and planning phase as well. There could be delays due to unforeseen circumstances: strikes, public holidays etc. that delay delivery of certain products. The client, as well as all professionals hired to work on the project, are expected to not cause unreasonable delays in the project.
  • Does ARB Co. perform renovation for only a specific area of a home?
    Yes! Certainly. Please take a look at some of the pictures of partial renovations done. Example: the living room makeover at the colonial villa included designing and tailoring new drapes, reupholstering all the living & dining room furniture, besides adding home decor accents and varnishing all the furniture.
  • I’m on a budget. Can ARB Design Co. help me stick to it?
    We can absolutely work within your budget, whether you are looking to design your new home or just do a partial makeover. Having a budget is very important for the project running smoothly and for your expectations to be met.
  • What home furnishing services does ARB provide?
    We customize drapes, cushion covers, upholstery, bed linen & dining table linen. We don’t just tailor them for you but we recommend the kind of fabric, colours and designs that will suit your home interiors. A client who customizes any home furnishing product, is indirectly helping to support the differently abled through ARB Design company’s purposeful collaborative relationships
  • Can I shop on my own or recommend certain products while designing my house?
    Since you have hired ARB to design and complete a vision for your space, we prefer that you do not select or purchase items because that selection may not be a fit for the design, space, or budget for a variety of professional reasons. We are always open to considering any item(s) you would like to incorporate in your home but we ask that you consult us before making any purchases. When applicable you will receive a detailed specification for items to be purchased direct.
  • Who has ARB chosen to collaborate with for all their home furnishing orders?
    At the heart of our business, it has always been my desire as the Principal Owner to support the differently abled who are less fortunate. After much thought we chose to work with Diya Innovation run by Suman John, co-founder & CEO. Do visit their website to learn more of what they do:
  • What is ARB’s Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage?
    We do not compromise on the material and finish used for any space in the house. For your kitchen, we use only marine commercial ply. We do not use MDF ply which is merely water resistant. Here’s the difference between the two: With MDF ply, your shutters can begin to swell and warp due to the spillage of water and humidity. Secondly it doesn’t hold together and will begin to fall apart, demanding a renovation in about 3-5 years! For storage units or any other individual furniture items we do not use mango wood, particle board or engineered wood. For more information, please e-mail us and we will be glad to help.
  • Does ARB ship their home décor accents outside India?
    Yes, we do ship to the EMEA region and to the Middle East. We’ve tied up with FED EX & DHL shipping agency. Any shipment typically takes 10-15 days to reach our client.
  • What is our return policy for customers within India and Internationally?
    All products must be opened and checked within 15 days of having received the shipment. No product can be exchanged or returned unless a product was damaged or is missing during shipment. An image of the damaged product will need to be emailed to us and an investigation will be done from our side before any decision is taken to accept the damaged product. If the product is accepted by our company, the return shipping costs will need to be borne by the customer. You will only be refunded for the item that was damaged.
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Terms & Conditions

  1.    All our services entail an hourly fee. We don’t charge you from the initial connect but when we begin to discuss designs then you’re billed accordingly. Hourly fee - INR 2500
  2.    If a client chooses to opt out after we have provided an estimate and elevation drawings for the interiors, a fee of 7% on the total estimated amount will be charged. This is to cover our designer team fees and service fee.  
  3.    ARB Design Company provides appliances for our kitchen build. We request the client to be present at the time of installation and demo. In case at the time of installation there is a defect we will make sure the appliance is replaced. ARB does not take responsibility for any malfunctioning post the initial installation. 
  4.    Home decor products purchased through us are non returnable and can only be exchanged within 3 days. Shipping costs will need to borne by the customer.

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